Jack Philbin

CEO, Vibes

Those born in 2010 and afterward have just started receiving their first smartphones, and these teens will have a greater degree of freedom with them than teens even 10 years ago did. They will not be on email. Just try and find a teen who relies on email for their daily communication, as opposed to text, and you’ll be looking far longer than you'd like. Two-way SMS interactions will be their expectation as they begin interacting with brands. The same expectations they'll have of their closest friends and relatives will apply equally to the brands who engage with them.

Jack Philbin, CEO, Vibes

Dominik Angerer

Co-Founder and CEO, Storyblok

Gen Alpha is going to grow up in a world where digital content is much different from what it is today. We’re already seeing massive content creation advancements in AI on a daily basis, but this is only the beginning. How they create content, the ways in which they interact with it, and the platforms they use to consume it will evolve at a much faster pace than it did for Gen Z. Marketers need to make sure their content infrastructure is future-proof and can deliver content to any digital channel that exists—not just websites and mobile apps.

Dominik Angerer, Co-Founder and CEO, Storyblok

Ronny Sage

Founder & CEO, ShoppingGives

Retail marketers should pay attention to Gen Alpha because they represent an emerging consumer group with unique characteristics and behaviors that will shape the future of retail. Here’s how brands can prepare for Gen Alpha consumers:

  1. Be authentic and transparent: Gen Alpha values authenticity and transparency in the brands they support. Retailers should build genuine relationships with this generation by being transparent about their business practices and showcasing their social responsibility efforts.
  2. Embrace technology: Gen Alpha is the first generation born into a fully digital world. Retailers should embrace technology and focus on creating personalized and unified experiences across all touchpoints, including social media, mobile, and in-store.
  3. Prioritize sustainability: Gen Alpha is passionate about environmental issues and sustainability. Retailers should prioritize sustainability by reducing waste, using eco-friendly materials, and supporting social causes that align with the values of this generation. By doing so, they can build a loyal customer base that resonates with their values and beliefs.

Ronny Sage, Founder & CEO, ShoppingGives

Mark Woodward

CEO, Annex Cloud

We’re seeing more and more retailers move their loyalty programs from transactional programs to more of a data collection engine that will help them create more personalized customer experiences. A loyalty program is a way to gain consent from a customer to use their data. Additionally, when joining a program a customer commits to identifying themselves at every touch point. Within a program, brands are using progressive profiling, to create fun and interactive ways to collect data from customers that they can then turn into meaningful dialog at the POS or clientelling level.

Mark Woodward, CEO, Annex Cloud

Gen Alpha is the most technologically advanced, diverse, and globally-connected generation yet, and it will create more disruptions–and opportunities–than any generation that has come before. Their experiences with technology, community, and the environment will reshape how brands must behave not just to win but to even be relevant. Gen Alpha will kill traditional customer segmentation, but personalization will become more critical…although not in the way that retailers typically think about it. Generative AI will enable retailers to create on-demand, hyper-personal content, conversations, experiences, and products. But honestly, predictions are meaningless. This generation will have a strong voice of its own.

Mat Baxter, Global Chief Executive Officer, Huge

Shameel Abdulla

CEO, Clootrack

Gen Alpha is going to be the largest generation in history - most technologically adept too! Gen Alpha values experiences over material possessions, and has access to personalized media early on in their life. Brands need to harness the power of technology to create personalized, immersive experiences that resonate with their values, preferences and channels they interact. This will help to effectively tap into their enormous purchasing power, influence on their family purchases and foster long-term brand loyalty. Cognitive personalization is the name of the game!

Shameel Abdulla, CEO, Clootrack

Douglas Longobardi

EVP, Sales, Asendia USA

Gen Alphas will be the largest generation in history, and many are just a few years from making their own online purchases. This group is keenly aware of the ways their actions impact the environment and will more likely embrace brands offering sustainable products and shipping solutions. Etailers looking to attract these future shoppers should already be focusing on developing sustainable supply chain and logistics processes to ensure their brand has a strong reputation for caring about the earth. Partnering with a shipping provider that offers a sustainable delivery solution is key. And it’s important to make these changes now. Gen Alphas may not be shopping yet, but they’re watching!

Douglas Longobardi, EVP, Sales, Asendia USA

Gen Alpha are the first generation to truly grow up entirely in a digital world, making them a unique consumer group with specific preferences and characteristics.

Retailers and brands can prepare for Gen Alpha by building contextual brand awareness in the digital realms dominated by Gen Alphas. Build brand relevance and loyalty early on by creating engaging and interactive experiences, focusing on emotional resonance.

Predictions that Gen Alpha will be more socially conscious and have a greater desire for personalized experiences make sense, while predictions about their lack of loyalty and short attention spans may be less accurate. Overall, marketers need to adapt to this new generation and create strategies that resonate with their unique needs and preferences and meet Gen Alpha where they play.

Arshaad Mirza, Founder, Delivery Solutions (acquired by UPS)


Winning Over Gen Alpha