Pelican Commerce

Executive Conversation with Daniel Eichar,

Director, Pelican Commerce

HQ: Windermere, FL

Pelican Commerce is a full-service ecommerce agency specializing in Replatforming small businesses to Shopify and BigCommerce. We help companies speed up migrating existing websites while retaining their existing SEO Rank and Authority with our advanced SEO Migration services.

The most important part of building and migrating an ecommerce website is making sure data comes first. We find that design and functionality are the easy and fun parts of building a website. However, the most important aspect of an ecommerce store is making sure the database and irreversible decisions like retaining existing SEO rank, is a first thought when getting moved to a new platform. Getting your theme setup, apps, store settings, and custom functionality are the next major parts of our process to get our projects pushing for launch.

We spend a lot of time working with our clients and going over all their options. We get their actual needs addressed before we even get started. Unlike other agencies that take on projects without fully understanding the clients' needs, we start with a blunt and honest approach to every element of the project. It does not take more time to be organized and to make sure all aspects of the project are addressed—everything from app decisions, to setting up everything in the best way for the site owner for the long term management of the website. Our well-written scope of work is a critical part of a successful project, and that is how we keep our clients happy and how we build successful relationships.

Pelican Commerce has a fantastic team that specializes in each part of a successful project. We have Project Managers, Data Managers, Designers, Developers, Marketing Gurus—the talent needed to perform the data work and brainstorming required to move data and solve the complex migration needs of our clients. We work on all projects to keep the momentum of our clients projects on track.

We focus on Shopify and BigCommerce, which allows us to be experts at these hosted platforms. There are constant changes to all platforms, but Shopify makes the rapid changes painless, allowing us to work with our clients to keep everything up to date without any major projects needing to be started.

Towards Efficient Migrations

We are a bit different from your average ecommerce agency. We're a data-first company, specializing in Website Migrations, Bulk Product Uploading, and Data Crawling services for small businesses selling online. We build, manage, and grow our clients' product catalogs between marketplace platforms and from their suppliers' catalogs.

Pelican Commerce specializes in ecommerce website migrations to Shopify and BigCommerce. When we migrate an existing website to another platform, and we retain their existing SEO Rank/Authority with our robust process, saving our clients from losing their traffic and revenue when re-platforming their website.

The most successful website migrations start with an honest review of the existing website noting any risk, like if the new platform can accomplish all the same results as our clients existing software. We then use a 3-type process to migrate data by first pushing the data through the Shopify or BigCommerce API, we crawl the live website and capture the full, rich data, and we run a data export from the database. What sets our process apart from others is we combine all this data together, creating the most complete dataset possible. We massage all the data available to recreate a 1:1 page match, including all meta data, and 301-redirects on all pages. We set up apps needed or wanted by our clients to expand the system's functionality, setup store settings, create or design an existing theme to create a beautiful website. We spend a lot of time with our clients making sure all the finishing touches to their new store is perfect.

We had the pleasure of working with the University of Wisconsin Maddison. We migrated their campus bookstore to Shopify, which allowed them to continue to operate with the PCI Compliance required by the school's admins. Replatforming this book store was a mission-critical project to be sure that their existing SEO Index was not lost, including a large number of bookmarked links that we perfectly retained with our SEO Migration services.

When it comes to full-service migrations to Shopify and BigCommerce, we have the most thought out scope of work and data capturing ability compared to any of our competitors. We find that you get two types of offerings when looking to migrate your existing website. Apps that promise a seamless migration between platforms (of which they only handle 50% of the overall scope of work needed for a full move). Or you find agencies that focus on design and custom software development, and they don't have an in-house migration team. We're able to move, setup, and launch any website to Shopify or BigCommerce with our team of specialized talent, giving the most complete service in our space. There are so many small details when migrating your website, and we have them all covered!

Selling on Marketplaces

Most of the clients that we work with are struggling to get their catalogs in sync and preventing them from entering new sales channels. We've created a proprietary platform that helps small business owners onboard to new sales channels like Walmart Marketplace, Amazon Marketplace, and by creating direct sales channels when they are first entertaining the idea to expand their offering.

Selling online at will open up your products to consumers all around the world. As one of the largest retail chains in the world, Walmart’s requirements to sellers are not the easiest Sometimes businesses just need their products moved from Amazon to Walmart or from their shopping cart (inventory management system) to Walmart. Pelican Commerce helps clients to get their products listed inside the Walmart Seller Center.

Similarly, Pelican Commerce helps clients get their products on the largest eCommerce store on the internet—Amazon. Whether the client’s products are new or they already exist on the Amazon platform, whether they are a retailer or a brand owner, Pelican Commerce has a solution to get their catalog to Amazon Seller Central account.

We are passionate because of our own experiences of having an ecommerce website. Our focus is on keeping our clients in full control of their website and for them to be able to manage their site 100% when we hand them the keys. This is commonly an issue in our space where old school agencies try and lock their clients down, forcing them to keep coming back for all the big and small things. We had this experience ourselves when we had our store and know that small business owners are over that. So we spend a lot of time going over all the options and giving an honest opinion as to what direction will keep them in control and what will take them out of control. For that reason, we try to keep within the gardened walls of the Shopify and BigCommerce hosted platform, which keeps the store fresh and never outdated

Allowing Clients to take Full Control:

No More "Half Baked" Services

About Daniel Eichar, Founder Director

Daniel Eichar, the founder of Pelican Commerce, spent many years running an ecommerce company with more than 700 suppliers and a custom platform to onboard product data to the online stores' catalog. After many years of opportunities to serve other ecommerce business owners struck the idea to start Pelican Commerce using the same processes that made the online store successful and broke the barriers to onboard data in a fraction of the usual time that it takes.

"I am a very passionate business owner, and I am fascinated by ecommerce and software tech. My job is my hobby, and I love what I do, which is why I commonly spend my free time looking for solutions to problems in our industry. Spending a lot of time working with Walmart Marketplace and Amazon Marketplace, we have a front-row seat with these big online retailers being a serious service provider and modeling our services in real-time to support our clients as the platforms change."