HQ: San Diego, CA

An Executive Conversation with Tyler Sickmeyer 

Founder & CEO

Our mission is to provide our clients with strategic guidance supported by a true partnership mindset. We then execute against this approach with a full suite of eCommerce services ranging from design and development to search and social media marketing.

Fidelitas prides itself in providing clients with best-in-class strategies and services. The team features certified specialists in Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Hubspot, Klaviyo, Emarsys, Google, Bing, Facebook/Instagram, and Snapchat among others.

The Fidelitas team is entirely US-based and is trained to attach measurable metrics to every endeavor for clients. This leads to superior reporting and communication rooted in a firm understanding from both clients and the Fidelitas team in what matters most. The Fidelitas team is always looking for ways to improve, whether that’s with technology upgrades or honing processes and procedures.

Ecommerce brands often leave margin on the table when they don’t put the puzzle pieces of their marketing and product operations together. We look to connect the dots between customer acquisition, the journey to purchase, and fulfillment. No amount of marketing can make up for a poor customer experience.

Fidelitas clients also benefit from an omni-channel approach with an emphasis on collaboration throughout the agency, meaning that left hand is always on the same page with the right- leading to reduced headaches and miscues for clients.

Being the Dumbest

Our team is Fidelitas. My stated goal is to be the “dumbest guy in the room” because if I am, then our team (and our clients) are in really good shape. We do our best to hire and train people that are not only incredibly skilled at their craft, which they are, but also instilled with a deep desire to continue learning and growing as professionals. Even my personal assistant is required to research and choose a career path to ensure that she has opportunities for advancement. This desire for growth leads and our propensity for measuring results and keeping score leads to better, more intentional work for our clients.

The Servant Leader

I founded Fidelitas in 2008 on the heels of gaining national recognition for using advanced marketing strategies as a concert promoter. I was among the first in the industry to use text message marketing and Facebook marketing. My team and I quickly grew a reputation for selling just as many tickets to shows as other promoters, but with half of the spend on marketing. This led to consulting small and medium sized businesses before Fidelitas grew into the strategic marketing agency that it is today, servicing clients around the world.

I'm a big believer in servant leadership and take many queues from leaders like Patrick Lencioni, Jim Collins, and Dave Ramsey. I’m an entrepreneur at heart and never had a real “job” after college. I went straight into concert promotion and basketball. I’m incredibly blessed to also play minor league basketball for the San Diego Guardians. I do my best to bring the team-first mindset from the court to the conference room for the sake of our staff and our clients alike. I believe in empowering my staff and refer to them as teammates. I prefer to lead with a collaborative approach at Fidelitas and believe that the best ideas can come from anyone.

I'm also a student of Tom Paterson’s Strat-Op approach, which is engineered to find the last ten percent of the truth as teams operate with an enhanced level of clarity. We use Strat-Op techniques and exercises with our clients in order to achieve a greater sense of understanding about what’s needed for success.

Committed to Serve Clients

Fidelitas has worked with a wide range of brands on their eCommerce strategies, including Reed’s Ginger Beer, 4Seating.com, Crimson Trace, Seirus, Caldwell, and Arctic Zero among others.

At Fidelitas we have a saying: Winners Keep Score. We believe that if you’re doing a good job, you don’t dread “report day” and look forward to gauging the results of your efforts. This approach carries over to every decision we make on a client’s behalf. We’re always contemplating if the decision will result in improved results for the client based on their specific set of priorities- which is mostly sales, but not always. It’s critical to have a thorough understanding of each client’s needs and specific goals.

We’re firm believers in the “always be testing” mindset. It’s critical for eCommerce leaders to continue to test new ways to improve the user experience. We perform regular, in-depth analyses of our clients’ analytics and examine every aspect of the site’s performance, from site speed to mobile-friendliness, in order to ensure the best customer experience possible.

I love when we take on a new client with unsophisticated email marketing strategies. Email is one of the best channels to an agency to earn quick wins for a client when done correctly. We’ve seen clients go from $60,000 to $600,000 per month in sales from email after we’ve created automated flows and implemented personalization tactics.

We also have a ridiculously talented paid media team. Our clients are consistently seeing 3-4x return on ad spend rates, opening up a world of possibilities for growth on channels that previous agencies and in-house teams had dismissed as unscalable with diminishing returns.

Being a Right Partner

The strategic guidance that Fidelitas provides to clients creates a true “external CMO” experience. Our team brings a partnership mindset with an emphasis on producing measurable results.

Fidelitas is Latin for “loyalty” and we’re very much centered around the premise that our best and most profitable work together comes after the six to twelve months that most agencies retain clients for. We simply don’t “burn and turn” clients at a high churn rate. We identify potential clients that share our partnership mindset and are looking for long-term success together. This leads to more frequent, sincere, and transparent communication from both sides.

Our team is focused on finding ways to be a good partner. Sometimes that means taking late calls or traveling for an event we otherwise wouldn’t be required to attend. Other times it’s checking in on our clients as individuals and doing whatever we can to help ensure their success.

We’re incredibly focused in serving as partners. When you have that approach as a marketer, you’re really focused on what matters rather than selling snake oil to survive another month. I instruct my team to be brutally honest with our clients. If we screw the pooch, we own it and make it right. If the creative we’re provided isn’t good enough for the results that are expected, we’ll communicate that up front. Candor and the courage to do the right thing by putting the client first are critical to our success.