During her 33-year career with Nordstrom, Teri has demonstrated unparalleled understanding of Nordstrom's customer needs and has an excellent grasp on the complexities of our industry. Merchandising is in her DNA and she consistently inspires other by her ability to reimagine the future. She firmly believes that one must move with speed and leverage data-driven strategic insights to meet customers in this rapidly changing retail landscape.

Teri Bariquit was named chief merchandising officer in 2019. She and her team support all development and operational aspects of Nordstrom Merchandising Group, including planning, inventory deployment, merchandising solutions and strategic capabilities across all channels. Prior to this role, she served as Executive Vice President, Merchandise Planning and Solutions (2012-2019).

Under Teri’s leadership, Nordstrom has improved merchandising performance and has achieved industry-leading results for sales, inventory turn and other key buying and inventory management metrics. She has spent a significant part of her career supporting the evolution and continuous improvement of the merchandising organization, including technology implementations, organizational design and best practices. Teri and her team strive to continuously evolve merchandising capabilities to enable growth and deliver top tier results.

Teri joined Nordstrom in 1986 and worked in the selling and buying offices and went on to hold various management roles within the company. In 2004, she took on the role of vice president of Full-Price Nordstrom stores, Merchandising Support. Teri graduated Magna Cum Laude from Central Washington University with a Accounting and Finance.

Teri Bariquit

Chief Merchandising Officer, Nordstrom

March 2022

Teri Bariquit