Hironobu Nishikori

President and CEO
Toshiba Tec Corporation

ELERA is a dynamic retail platform that represents a significant advancement in the globalization of our retail strategy based on our values and vision to empower retailers to thrive and prosper wherever they operate. We are humbled by the trusted partnerships we have with our clients and prospects and are proud of our ELERA wins with clients in Japan, Europe, Latin America, and the USA who are on this journey with us.

Rance Poehler

President and CEO
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

We are moving rapidly into a new world where retail touchpoints must be seamlessly interconnected to create the kind of personalized and cohesive shopping experience that consumers have come to expect—at POS and throughout the store. Today, we are working closely with retailers to accelerate this transformation by unifying channels and digitizing their stores with our ELERA commerce platform and solutions, enabling them to quickly adapt and scale to deliver an exceptional retail experience. Through our growing portfolio of solutions and self-enablement tools, we empower retailers to make their stores smarter and more agile—ready to anticipate and meet the changing needs of consumers.

Steve Fox

EVP of Services
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

Our approach to real-time monitoring of in-store systems enables retailers to focus on what is most important – running their business and connecting with customers. Our Global Services Team uses Proactive Availability Services to power wall-to-wall services in a market differentiated, single trusted source for enterprise system management enabling improved business outcomes for our clients.

Gregg Margosian

Chief Operating Officer
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

Our values are at the core of who we are and enable us to invent technology advancements for retail that matter. We know that retail is about people and communities in part because our employees engage directly with our retail customers. We are entrepreneurial at heart. We have a decades-long history of industry changing innovation, and our people bring experience, knowledge, passion, and diversity as we innovate and lead with digital transformation solutions for retail.

Mike Yeung

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

We are nurturing the incubation of ideas to innovate and advance our industry-recognized retail solutions like the ELERA® Commerce Platform, Toshiba's open, modular platform for unified commerce. Its core value is its ability to help retailers become more agile and resilient in the face of change. Our investments in IoT, data analytics and computer vision enable retailers to provide a consistent, compelling experience for consumers, whether they shop in-store, at curbside, on their mobile device, or at home.

Andrew McDaniel

Managing Director and SVP of Europe
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

This is a pivotal time for Europe’s retailers and partners, as they work to become more agile and resilient in the face of constant change. It’s also an important moment for Toshiba, as it continues to strengthen and expand its technology, software, and services capabilities, based on deep industry knowledge and trusted expertise, and its collaboration with partners across the region. My mission will be to marshal these incredible resources to help retailers transform and create more growth opportunities for our partners across Europe.

Bill Campbell

Executive Advisor
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

We take pride in our partner-driven business approach to deliver quality solutions for retailers. We carefully consider several strategic elements when selecting ISV partners. By considering the 'voice of customer', we ensure that we have the breadth and capabilities within our ecosystem that help retailers meet the evolving needs of the industry.

Eugene Shvartsman

SVP of Americas Sales
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

At Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, our passion is retail, and we are devoted to empowering retailers to evolve with generations of consumers by delivering a dynamic ecosystem of innovative and agile solutions to improve business performance, increase operational control, scale fast, and delight consumers with rewarding experiences.

Yevgeni Tsirulnik

SVP of Innovation and Incubation
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

The past three years have changed the face of retail and our customers look to us to deliver agile and resilient solutions to support the changing demands of shopping and expectations of shoppers. I’m excited to bring this future to life through new ideas and solutions that we are developing through our innovation hubs, including partnerships and our own ELERA® Commerce Platform.

Fredrik Carlegren

VP of Marketing and Communications
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

Retailers are looking to technology to help them overcome mounting challenges in the industry. For too long, legacy technology has not afforded retailers the agility to evolve with the ever-changing needs of consumers. We are devoted to freeing retailers to reimagine, build, and evolve their infrastructure with technology that empowers change. Our focus is operationalizing technologies, such as A.I. and Computer Vision, to address significant business impacts around shrink and labor shortages. At the same time, these innovations enable important connections with shoppers providing more enjoyable and personalized shopping experiences to keep them coming back.


AUG 2023