Listrak’s Single, Integrated Platform Drives Unprecedented Results for Sol de Janeiro

Sol de Janeiro’s product line is inspired by the beaches of Rio and loved around the world – especially its award-winning signature Brazilian Bum Bum (pronounced “Boom-Boom”) Cream firming body lotion, which has helped define the company’s body care category.

The company was founded in 2015, according to its founders, “on the philosophy of embracing the power and warmth of the Brazilian spirit…with luscious textures, clinically proven formulations, and transportive fragrances, Sol de Janeiro's products inspire ultimate self-love and celebration of our bodies.” The brand's collection of body care, fragrance, and hair care products have since become a worldwide sensation. Sol de Janeiro has a cult following on TikTok (with more than 600 million views) and a following among celebrities like Selena Gomez, Hailey Bieber, Dua Lipa and Hilary Duff.

The Challenges

The Solutions

Retailers and brands are constantly challenged by disparate customer data housed across multiple digital marketing vendors, and Sol de Janeiro was no different. But according to Listrak’s Head of Retail Practice Karen DiClemente, the retailer was facing several significant issues.

“Sol de Janeiro was looking for an omnichannel partner who could help them from a cost and resources perspective when it came to platform and solution,” DiClemente explains. “Another major issue they were dealing with was measurement; they were really struggling to actually understand what was driving incremental revenue for their programs and were getting very disparate reporting from three different vendors. They also had a small team, and having three vendor calls, three different types of reporting, and three different measurement styles was challenging, not to mention inefficient.”

Seeking to overcome the challenges of disparate data spread across multiple digital marketing vendors, Sol made the switch and partnered with Listrak, a cross-channel customer engagement platform that powers email, SMS, identity resolution, behavioral triggers and customer analytics for more than 1,000 retailers and brands. Sol initially came onboard for SMS/text messaging and, seeing success, continued to evolve their program with email and identity resolution. The companies have worked together for approximately three years.

“Consolidating our email and SMS programs in one place really enabled us to unlock additional scale and a better understanding of impact as we use the same attribution and measurement parameters across the entire ecosystem,” notes Genevieve Head-Gordon, Director of Ecommerce & Growth for Sol de Janeiro. “We now provide a true cohesive experience across the funnel for our new and existing customers.”

Sol’s data is now unified (from website, identity, email, SMS, and push) and freely accessible for marketers to act on, allowing them to deliver and automate exceptional, seamless customer experiences that increase revenue.

“Through this partnership, having one singular platform is so much easier for a team to manage from a customer journey, reporting, and ultimately, a measurement perspective,” adds Gordon. “For the first time, we could actually understand where things were driving incrementally from a revenue perspective because reporting was coming from ONE singular location. Another benefit was that we actually understood a lot more about how our consumer was engaging with us via messaging and got to know that the long term value is so much higher for a customer that is subscribed to us via text and email. By getting Listrak involved in the process, and really feeling like they’re an extension of our team, we’ve found efficiencies in both team resources and also major revenue gains.”

As a Listrak Email and SMS client, Sol de Janeiro saw the benefits of a unified platform and decided to move their identity resolution marketing program from another provider to Listrak’s Growth Accelerator Platform (GXP). With access to Sol de Janeiro’s newly consolidated data, Listrak’s team of expert strategists implemented a custom, cross-channel marketing strategy highlighting SMS, which had proved to be a massive driver of list growth and a key channel for Sol de Janeiro. GXP turbocharged subscription growth and accelerated eCommerce revenue gains in comparison to the previous identity resolution marketing program.


  • Partnering with Listrak to do the work of their three previous vendors has resulted in a 50% reduction in Sol de Janeiro’s monthly total cost of ownership (TCO)/marketing automation costs.

  • Connecting their data has closed customer journey gaps and driven a 28% increase in total ecommerce revenue YOY.

  • Finely orchestrated email and SMS campaigns have resulted in a best-in-class customer experience, generating an 18% improvement in revenue contribution from Email & SMS.

  • Resulting in 41% total eCommerce revenue driven by Listrak’s integrated platform (vs 35% with previous disparate vendors).

  • GXP turbocharged subscription growth and accelerated Commerce revenue gains in comparison to Sol de Janeiro’s previous identity resolution marketing program:
    • 102% return on ad spend
    • 155% increase in daily subscription rate (Email + SMS)
    • 26% increase in onsite conversions (First-time purchasers measured against control)

What Drives Listrak

With Listrak, retailers and brands are empowered to achieve accelerated revenue growth through leading-edge technology and best-in-class expertise -- resulting in profitable, cross-channel, cross-platform customer communication.

AUG 2023