How one grocer scaled online order volume and customer experience with Delivery Solutions.

The large grocer is an industry leader in providing convenient online shopping and a comprehensive digital experience for its customers. Despite having a successful system, the grocer is always looking for opportunities to streamline its processes, particularly connecting to Delivery Solutions Providers (DSPs) and enhancing its cohesive brand experience for customers.

Before working with Delivery Solutions, the grocer was managing each DSP integration manually, and they needed a unified system that could integrate multiple shippers, orchestrate last-mile delivery for its sub-100 stores, and optimize those providers based on a variety of factors, including drop-off day, time, location, and shelf-life of the product.

Reducing the platform friction for customers, and fostering a seamless experience, was one of the key goals of any new solution. The grocer wanted to create a consistent look and feel where customers knew and could trust the delivery experience from end to end.

Most importantly, the grocer required a turnkey solution so internal teams weren’t impacted or pressed through a long and complex implementation process or needed to revisit integrations every time they added a new provider.

Delivery Solutions brought unique capabilities to handle all the heavy lifting throughout the integration. Focusing on quality and consistency, implementing Delivery Solutions’ Omnichannel Experience Management (OXM) platform with the grocer's legacy systems went smoothly, allowing the necessary handoffs to other systems in the grocer’s tech stack to automate smarter decisions.

The result is that the grocer now has a centralized and robust platform to manage DSP options for each service area, making it easy to onboard new 3PLs. Orchestration rules automatically optimize preferred delivery providers for each store and region, with particular weight given to projected delivery date and time, to ensure customers receive orders as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The OXM also provides the grocer with a fully branded real-time tracking page for customers receiving last-mile deliveries. The tracking page is hosted and available via email and SMS within the grocer’s app. This enables customers to track deliveries and for the grocer to engage their DSPs in one seamless space– no platform-hopping required.

Built-in analytics helps the grocer drive operational efficiencies, adding extra scope to other performance insights collected throughout their technology stack. This enables their teams to glue DSP performance to volume and revenue, a turnkey infrastructure Delivery Solutions provides. With that system in place, additional savings were attributed to a reduction in the frequency of WISMO (Where is my order) inquiries or time spent on exceptions– the OXM “self heals,” so if a driver accepts an order but has to cancel, or something slows them down, Delivery Solutions ensures continuity of that order, finding the next available driver automatically.

  • Optimizing last-mile delivery

  • Reducing platform friction

  • No bandwidth for complex implementations

  • Hassle-free implementation

  • White-labeling for consistent branding throughout the customer experience

  • Strategic insights that fuel future optimizations

  • Streamlined last-mile solution

  • Improved customer user experience; more accurate delivery ETA, driver details, etc.

  • Ability to grow into new markets and bring on more DSPs more easily





Delivery Solutions

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AUG 2023