MAR 2024

The ULTIMATE Data Driven Customer Experience 

Emarsys, an SAP company, made a resounding impact at NRF 2024, showcasing cutting-edge omnichannel marketing strategies and next-generation customer journeys tailored specifically for the Retail and Consumer industries. With a focus on empowering digital marketing leaders and business owners, Emarsys presented its omnichannel customer engagement platform, designed to accelerate business outcomes through industry-specific approaches, customer-centric personalization, actionable AI, and a fully integrated Customer Engagement Platform (CEP).

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The Emarsys booth attracted numerous attendees eager to explore the platform trusted by leading brands and innovative marketers worldwide. Visitors had the opportunity to immerse themselves in an interactive journey highlighting Wella Company's success story with SAP Emarsys. They witnessed firsthand how Wella Company utilizes Emarsys alongside SAP CX solutions to inspire beauty professionals, engage communities, and achieve sustainable growth across their suite of beauty brands. Additionally, some lucky attendees even received personalized hair styling sessions courtesy of Wella Professional Stylists.

Wella Company, renowned for its pioneering role in the beauty industry and boasting 15 distinctive brands, showcased its innovative approach to leveraging technology to inspire both consumers and beauty professionals. By harnessing actionable data to craft tailored solutions, Wella Company strengthens its relationships across B2C, B2B, and D2C realms, exemplifying the power of data-driven strategies in driving business success.

A key highlight of the event was the unveiling of research by SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement, shedding light on evolving consumer preferences and behaviors. The research revealed that a significant majority of US shoppers prioritize retailers offering free returns, with a substantial percentage expressing loyalty towards such establishments. Conversely, retailers implementing paid returns policies risk losing customer loyalty and engagement. The findings underscored the importance of understanding consumer preferences and tailoring strategies to enhance customer satisfaction and retention.

During the event, Sara Richter, Chief Marketing Officer at Emarsys, engaged in a thought-provoking discussion with Aaron Bradley, Vice President of Technology & GTM Innovation at Wella Company, on 'Styling the Ultimate Data-Driven Engagement with Wella Company.' This session provided valuable insights into crafting personalized customer experiences and driving engagement through data-driven strategies.

In addition to Wella Company, the event featured enlightening sessions from esteemed customers such as FC Bayern, Axo, Brand Alley, and mentionMe, further illustrating the diverse applications and benefits of data-driven marketing strategies across various industries.

Michael Fichtner, CIO, and Dee Kundra, Managing Director of the Americas Office, delved into the digital journey of soccer giant FC Bayern M√ľnchen, highlighting how SAP technology enabled the club to cultivate a comprehensive understanding of its global fan base, driving enhanced fan engagement and loyalty.

Eduardo Lernos Felippelli, CRM and Analytics Director at Axo, explored 'The Power of Customer Data: Beyond Communication,' shedding light on Grupo Axo's transition towards leveraging internal customer data to bolster competitiveness and foster stronger customer relationships.

Michelle Hurney, Head of Marketing at Brand Alley, alongside Kat Wray, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Mention Me, discussed 'How BrandAlley Leverages Advocacy Data to Supercharge Their Growth,' emphasizing the importance of advocacy data in lowering acquisition costs, identifying VIP customers, and maximizing word-of-mouth marketing efforts.

Also check out the insights from Mention Me. Mo Awada, Chief Service Officer at Emarsys, delivered insights on 'The Omnichannel Difference: How to Create Higher Customer Lifetime Value,' unveiling the impact of connected campaign strategies on business growth and customer retention through a partnership with Forrester.

Overall, Emarsys' participation at NRF 2024 exemplified its commitment to driving innovation in customer engagement through data-driven strategies, industry-specific approaches, and actionable insights, reaffirming its position as a leader in the realm of omnichannel marketing solutions.