HQ: Mechanicsburg, PA

In Conversation with Vici Turjan, President & COO


Versatile Credit partners with over 25 prime, near-prime, and no-credit-needed providers to deliver financing to shoppers. Comprehensive financing options are made available in-store though Versatile's variety of self-service technologies.

We assist retailers by providing them with a seamless, consumer friendly financing application experience. Shoppers simply enter their personal information into the credit application to receive a financing decision. Versatile’s platform seamlessly transitions applicants to secondary and tertiary providers if the application is denied, providing shoppers across the FICO spectrum with multiple opportunities to receive a financing offer, leading to higher approval volumes and higher average ticket sales.

Versatile Credit is equipped to assist retailers in evaluating the effect enhanced consumer (and employee) concerns about safeguarding personal health may have on their sales and in-store financing programs through a suite of contactless self-service options. Versatile is making this suite of options available to retail partners, which is designed to work within their existing sales processes, empowering them to provide customers with a frictionless transition of the application experience to a consumer's mobile device.

Device Agnostic Technology

Versatile's suite of in-store technology enables merchants to offer shoppers customized, self-service experiences that fit their customers and brand. Versatile also offers the flexibility to deploy Versatile's technology across a variety of merchant-owned devices, including tablets, laptops and point of sales terminals.

We offer a variety of kiosk form factors, including standing and desktop kiosks. We also allow users to leverage store-owned tablets and contactless signage to provide shoppers with the ability to apply for financing. We can help retailers by providing them an ecosystem of tools to provide their shoppers with the technology and experiences that work for them.

The Snap Sign

We have released a dedicated, transition-to-mobile technology called Snap Sign, designed to provide shoppers with a contactless mobile finance application experience. "Snap Sign" is a patent-pending technology that blends the use of a personal device and a retailer's digital signage with dynamic QR codes providing shoppers with a secure self-service financing option while validating that the applicant is in-store.

Retailers can also utilize Versatile's "Text to Apply" technology to enable their sales staff to securely deliver customers a single-use link to a credit application directly on their mobile device, allowing them to apply completely on their phone.

Retailers can also provide self-service financing throughout their store through traditional printed signage using our QR-code based Snap to Apply technology. Any of these solutions will help to promote a more comfortable shopping experience for consumers who have enhanced health safety concerns and illustrate the retailer's concern for the safety of valued customers and employees.

Customers simply point their smartphone camera at the Snap Sign signage and they are automatically taken to a credit application on their phone. This is an example of how omnichannel technology and physical, in-store devices can be brought together to enable point of sale and self-service devices to be used as jumping on-and-off points for additional business processes—including customer on boarding, financing and beyond. This allows each kiosk to no longer be just a standalone point of the shopping experience, but used to tie other parts of the shopping experience together, leveraging personal mobile devices.

Managing Kiosks

We have a comprehensive kiosk management system and analytics platform that allows retailers to have a holistic view of their financing program, from the performance of their kiosks, devices and even sales associates—which provide the retailers with actionable insights to address potential concerns before they become issues affecting the bottom line, whether that’s a kiosk that needs to be repaired or an associate that needs to be re-trained.

We also help retailers by making previously disparate systems work together to drive efficiency, allowing systems such as CRMs and ERPs to converge and remove duplicate effort while providing seamless processes for consumers and retail staff, helping to lead to higher customer satisfaction and less people leaving the site or store without a purchase.

Our clients include 30 of the Top 100 national furniture retailers. While we’re dominant in the Furniture vertical, we can also provide self-service kiosk solutions in other verticals, including automotive, medical and home improvement.