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It's exciting times for anyone in the eCommerce space. Volumes can be written on how eCommerce has evolved in the last two years. Given all that's happening around the world post-COVID 19, it only makes sense that the industry has experienced an influx of businesses trying to carve out a share of the market.

Last year we saw businesses look for eCommerce solutions to respond quickly and flexibly to changing customer requirements and shopping behaviors. In 2022 we will see this phenomenon play out more strongly. We will also see in-store and online shopping merge and eCommerce will explode. Successful businesses will be those that understand shoppers' physical and digital interactions right and have a well thought-out holistic, omnichannel store experience strategy.

Going by what's happening and what's yet to come, one could accurately state that there is a micro-revolution going on there—product discovery, search, personalization, fulfilment, payments, analytics, AR/VR, social commerce and many other interesting things. In this edition, we have put together expert insights highlighting the most critical trends in the eCommerce industry and segments worth investing resources on. As you dig deeper into the trends that are shaping ecommerce now, we hope some of these viewpoints will help you foresee challenges, take advantage of upcoming opportunities, refine your strategy and finally, help you up your ecommerce game in 2022.

Stay tuned, as we bring you coverage on new developments in eCommerce round the year.

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The State of eCommerce